The commonly asked question among the people about is “What is the Best Age to Perform Hajj. What is the age when a person wants to get everything, achieve the goals, full of energy and power? I think young age is the best age when all these qualities at its peak in the person. He or she energetic, powerful, physically fit, and stress-free from the worldly problems.

There are five pillars of Religion of Peace and Hajj is the last pillar of Islam. People come from the different communities to perform umrah with Book Umrah Packages 2018 Glasgow. Even kids, teenagers, adults, middle ages, and senior citizens all come here to fulfill their religious duty and pardon to Allah for their wrongdoings.

But, the person who is bodily and physically strong can perform all rituals of the Hajj and I think the young person can perform more accurately. Now let us see young age is best for performing the Hajj.

Every Person Have to Taste the Flavor of Death

Life is too short and we don’t know when our life finished and we don’t know at the next moment we die. Allah is All-Knowing. Therefore, the when we have a chance, just avail it, no matter what is your age.

Allah is giving the best opportunity to perform Hajj in young age when you are strong and fit, I think this is the best gift from Allah. So, never delay it just go for it. Allah Says in the Holy Quran e Pak,

“You keep on not but slight – if only you had recognized.” (Quran 23:114)

Planned Life

As you know that, sometimes our plans work but, sometimes doesn’t work because Allah Knows better what is good and right for us. So, Allah when giving the chance, just avail it.

The people think that we will perform Hajj when we will be free from our responsibilities or when we will old. This thinking is wrong. Don’t know what can they live until old age? Just think about it.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that

“Expedite the performance of Hajj. For nonentity knows what may hinder one.” (Ibn Majah)

This Hadith shows that we should perform Hajj when we are financially and bodily strong and fit. And as soon as possible we should free out from our religious duty. May Allah Bless us.